ditp project / DEmark

It is one of Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion’s missions to create added values and elevate Thai design products. Design Excellence Award (DEmark) was born out of this mission in 2008, acting as a stimulating agent that encourage entrepreneurs to constantly develop their products and enter them into design competitions in order to gain recognition. Design Excellence Award works in collaboration with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO,) and Japan Institute of Design (JDP,) to come up with DEmark’s award guidelines. Both organisations also nominate specialists in the design industry to join the judging panel for DEmark award. DEmark winners automatically qualify for the second round of Japan’s Good Design Award (G-Mark.) Having the winners’ works entered into international design competition is one of the ways DEmark award and its winners are recognised on an international level.

DEmark shop


DEmark’s ‘Touch of Design’ project was born out of the determination to let people from all walks of life such as designers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and ordinary consumers enjoy good design objects. Good design can elevate life quality and facilitate business, which in turn contributes to the growth of the country’s creative economy. ‘Touch of Design’ aims to introduce Thailand’s excellent design to the world. DEmark also initiated DEmark Concept Store to present design objects selected from the pool of DEmark winners. The store will be a portal for good Thai designs to reach Thai and foreign consumers