ditp project / THAILAND TRUST MARK

In order for a business to succeed, having trusted products and brand image is very important, especially in international markets. Therefore it is necessary to have a reliable, standardised quality evaluation that can convey the excellent standard of Thai manufacturers and products to the world. The Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (DITP) sees the importance of such universally accepted standard. Consequently, it founded Thailand Trust Mark as a symbol of excellence awarded to Thai products and services with outstanding quality. Thailand Trust Mark considers many factors such as the company’s labour policy and its environmental and social impact. Thailand Trust Mark is a symbol of excellence endorsed by the royal Thai government, making it a reliable source for foreign buyers and consumers. The Mark is a symbol that assures consumers that the products and services they will receive are amongst the best in the country. Moreover, the Department of International Trade Promotion also works closely with other government organisations to make applying for Thailand Trust Mark more convenient. The registration can easily be done at the same time as an application for Green Industry project (under the supervision of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry,) and Labour Standard (under the supervision of the Department of Labour Protection, Ministry of Labour.)